KEYPLUS brand bearing high-end quality, classy and fashionable design, will lead the future direction of lock industry.

Since 1993, our team has been focusing on the research and development of Smart locks for many years. With the trend of times, our research on products and market has been deepening, and gradually to the direction of full intelligence.

In terms of research and development of hotel intelligent lock, We have professional hotel lock management system solutions. It’s including hotel electronic lock system, access control system, energy-saving system, security system, logistics management system, supporting hardware facilities, API data interface which can be connected with hotel management software;

Integrated and systematic application management can also provide safe and convenient management scheme for schools, hospitals, office buildings, government, military and other public places. KEYPLUS intelligent lock provides mature and perfect access control, flexible and convenient management system to ensure the authentication of personnel flow, record tracking and access rights.

We are constantly innovating and developing, hoping to make more contributions to the cause of human security.

Post time: Jul-23-2020