Recently, Mr. Cao, who lives in Baoji Gaoxin 4th Road, was very troubled. He bought a smart lock at Suning Tesco’s official flagship store for more than 2,600 yuan, and it took more than a month to have problems. Although the after-sales service of the smart lock arranged for three visits to repair, the problem was still not resolved. Angrily, Mr. Cao spent money to buy and install a lock of another brand.

Mr. Cao told the Sanqin Metropolis Daily reporter that in June last year, he bought a “Bosch FU750 fingerprint smart lock” at an official flagship store called Suning Tesco on Tmall for more than 2,600 yuan. One month after the smart lock was installed , The door cannot be opened, and the gentleman in the family needs a lot of force to open it.

“At that time, I contacted They gave me Bosch’s customer service WeChat and phone number and asked me to find a Bosch merchant to solve it. After the merchant came to the door after sales, they said that the accessories sent by the merchant were not compatible and could not be repaired. The merchant mailed the second time After the sale, it was said that the accessories were not complete. Although the third time was complete, the staff still did not solve the substantive problem after installation.”

“What makes people laugh or cry even more is that on December 25th last year, when I was about to enter the house, I hadn’t pressed my fingerprints. As soon as I pulled the handle, the door opened. This made our family feel that the lock was not safe at all. Especially At night, I was always worried about the safety of the door and couldn’t sleep at all.” Mr. Cao said that when he negotiated with the merchant’s customer service on the phone again, the customer service actually said that their product was okay, but there was a problem with the door of the house.

The reporter saw from the video provided by Mr. Cao that the door equipped with a fingerprint smart lock can be opened with a voice prompt “locked” after the door is closed. When the handle is pulled again, the door can be opened without pressing the fingerprint. “This is the video I took when the smart lock failed at that time.” Mr. Cao told reporters that at present, customer service asks merchants who are looking for smart locks, and after the merchants have repeatedly repaired and still cannot use them, they will no longer say “the door is defective” Accept.

On January 11, according to the telephone number on the invoice provided by Mr. Cao, the reporter called Suning Tesco Yanliang Co., Ltd. many times, but no one answered. Prior to this, a male customer service staff of the “Bosch Smart Lock Customer Service Hotline” stated that the hotline was a customer service hotline, not a reporter interview hotline and refused to be interviewed by reporters. At the same time, the reporter was informed that the product was purchased at, and now that there is a problem, you should contact to solve it instead of them.

Post time: Jan-13-2021