KX2 Smart Door Lock


KX2 Push-pull automatic door lock adopts patented minimalist and ultra-thin design, with a personalized integrated doorbell perfectly matching the modern door. Its tempered panel and glass texture manifest its high-end quality. We make a revolution innovation with the three-color indicator light in notch design, as well as belows functions:

Advanced semiconductor for the fingerprint scanner

High-sensitivity semiconductor fingerprint head with self-learning AI algorithm, which is designed on the front handle achieving one-step unlocking. The more you use, the more sensitive.

Scramble PIN code technology

Protetive inputting, make you no more concern about being peeped but unlock with ease.

Encrypted Card Unlock Technology

Anti-copy encrypted card with more comprehensive protection. The national security level protection prevents opening by copied mobile phone.

Remote unlock by temporary password

You can send a one-time temporary password generated by Wechat Mini App to your unexpected relatives and friends, never let them locked outside, even you are not at home. And the passwords will invalid after one-time use.

Built-in battery

Patented power supply revolution, built-in battery supports lifelong use: one-hour charge supports 1 year. It applys upgraded Type C charging, safer without leakage.

Electronic lock body

Uses patented integrated motor and automatic mortise. The built-in motor realizes automatic opening and closing, lowering loss and enhancing lifespan.

Unlock Inside Function

An short press on the button on back panel can achieve an easy unlock; 3s long press achieves a back locking.

Automatic Mortise Biometric Fingerprint Digital App Controlled Smart Door Lock

Post time: Jun-03-2021