Great News!

This month KEYPLUS researched one new model N3T locks, N3T locks upgrade system based on N3 models, totally different operation experience. You can manage your locks anywhere anytime via TT lock app on your mobile phone.

N3T locks support more than 25 languages and currently mainly has Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), English and Spanish. Which bring more convenience for global users.

The main feature is advanced management system via TT lock bluetooth APP, The administrator can share the keys to their family members , no matter for password or E keys.The administrator can also add or delete the members any time.

If you are not at home, you can create a temporary password in your bluetooth App send to your friends, and choose the open limited -times, your friends can use this password open the locks directly. Bluetooth APP make your door is under your control any time.

What’s more, if your mobile in not in your hand, you can also reset the locks by the lock itself, for example, to reset the lock to factory status, to add another mobile phone to control your locks. If your smart phone is lost, the administrator can add a new mobile phone by admin passwords. Safety App and safety locks, safety home!

The suitable scenario is residential buildings, apartment, rental housing, you can read opening record on your mobile phone, N3T locks can help you management your home and business very well.

N3T locks has gold, black and silver colors, waiting for your choose!


Post time: Jul-23-2020