The winter solstice is not only one of the twenty-four solar terms, but also an important traditional Chinese festival. There was even a saying that "the winter solstice is as big as the new year".





It is the day with the longest night, and after, the day time will increase day by day. It marks the rebirth of the sun, and the sun entering a new cycle, it’s an auspicious day worth celebrating.


The customs of the winter solstice are distinct in different regions. In southern China, there are customs of worshiping ancestors and feasting on this day, while in northern China, people make and eat dumplings with family celebrating this special day.


Keyplus employees come from all over the country and have different customs. We even had a heated discussion about to eat dumplings or glutinous rice balls on Winter Solstice. Yesterday, we all Keyplus employees celebrated the Winter Solstice Day together, making and cooking both dumplings and glutinous rice balls   ( to satisfy the preferences of different employees), just like a family, making everyone feel the warmth on this special festival.


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The best wishes for you on this special day - may you not be afraid of the cold and wait for the flowers to bloom!

Post time: Dec-22-2021